Do blondes really have more fun? It’s a question that’s been highly debated among Hollywood’s most famous light-haired stars. But now that spring has sprung, the season of ladies looking to lighten their strands is in full force.

Natural brunettes including Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and Allison Williams have been swapping out their darker locks for vibrant blonde hues we can’t stop talking about. But before taking a cue from these stars and taking the platinum plunge, it’s important to know what not to do first, in order to ensure your color looks natural and hair stays healthy. Celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard, who’s credited with maintaining Reese Witherspoon‘s golden strands, told PeopleStyle that dyeing your hair blonde comes with its challenges (it can start to fade and lose shininess as soon as a week after dyeing it).

Colorists hear all the myths and see all the mistakes women make when going over to the light side, and they’re here to set the record straight to help ensure your hair looks as spectacular as possible post-salon visit. Celebrity colorist AJ Lordet, who’s based in N.Y.C. at Pierre Michel Salon and is responsible for Christie Brinkley‘s hue, gave us seven easy pitfalls to avoid if you’re thinking about making the shade switch.

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You’re not opening up to your colorist.

When you go to a salon to make the big change, make sure your colorist knows everything about your hair history. And when we say everything, we really mean everything. “When people dye their hair darker, they don’t realize that months and months later the color is actually still in their hair. So say in September, someone went brown and in May she wants to …read more


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