Lokesh Dave takes a cycling break from his startup, iDatalabs. (Photo courtesy of Lokesh Dave)

Since college, Lokesh Dave had an itch to start his own tech company. But a Microsoft internship led to a software engineering job, and that cozy bubble proved tough to escape.

“You sort of live in that world and lose contact with the outside,” Dave said. He worked for the software giant for 12 years, then spent two years at the game developer Zynga.

Five years ago he broke free, taking the plunge into startups. After co-founding a sports-management business, Dave launched iDatalabs, a business based in Bellevue, east of Seattle, that helps B2B companies land new customers using modern data science. iDatalabs uses AI to predict which companies a business should be targeting and why they’re a good fit.

“I really enjoy and get lot of gratification from building something from end to end,” said Dave. And he’s glad to be free of the bureaucracy and organizational layers that can drag at a bigger business.

“Life is short, Dave said.

Startup life has allowed him to breakdown walls between work and home life as well. When he can, he lets his 13-year-old son help with some of iDatalabs’ more entertaining work projects, including setting organizational goals and creating a video-taped presentation for a large conference. He wonders, though, if his son is only seeing the fun parts of running a startup.

“The thing he does need to learn is that it’s about perseverance and execution and not just [coming up with] the idea,” Dave said. “I probably also need to expose him to the downs and the small failures as well.”

We caught up with Dave for this week’s Working Geek feature. Continue reading for his answers to our questionnaire.

Current location: “Bellevue”

Computer types: “Mac”

Mobile devices: “iPhone”

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