Theresa May convenes cabinet after resignations

The Prime Minister will convene her newly reshuffled cabinet today, after the consecutive resignations of Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Davis has been replaced by Dominic Raab, while Jeremy Hunt takes on Johnson’s old role. Former culture minister Matt Hancock replaces Hunt as Health Secretary.

Divers return to Thai cave for last four boys

Thai navy divers are once again inside the convoluted cave network where 12 boys were stranded more than two weeks ago with their football coach. They are now working to bring out the last four boys and the 25-year-old coach. The authorities say the eight boys saved so far are fit and well, although they have not been seen in public.

Britons give up traditional gender roles

A new survey by the National Centre for Social Research suggests that Britons have abandoned traditional views on gender roles. Almost three-quarters of the public no longer believe that women should be home-makers while men earn money. As recently as 1988, a majority still believed that women should stay at home while men went out.

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