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US President Donald Trump will arrive in the UK on Thursday to start a four-day visit that will see him meet the Queen and head to Scotland.

But his agenda reveals that he will largely avoid London – where tens of thousands plan to protest against him and a 20-foot balloon that depicts him as an angry orange baby will fly over the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

The city appears to not be the president’s biggest fan – plans for a formal state visit were put on hold last year after hundreds of thousands of people threatened to protest.

Here is what 20 people who we spoke to on the streets of London thought about the US president’s upcoming visit.

Jack Rigby, 18

I don’t have strong opinions on his visit, but everyone deserves their right to speak their mind. He should come and let people know what he has to say, even if he is wrong or right.

Stephanie Rose, 31

I think it’s a good thing. When these issues are brought onto peoples’ home soil, the opportunity then arises to actually do something about it and say something about it. The reality sometimes needs to happen to shock people into action.

Sam Grill, 23

I am against the visit purely because of the fact of what Donald Trump stands for as a person. I think he’s a bit of a bigot and a racist, and I don’t really want him in London.

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