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Paleo diets have been touted as a back-to-basics approach to dieting that our caveman ancestors supposedly would have approved of. However, it’s very easy to make some simple mistakes when observing the popular meal plan. Eating too much meat, eating the wrong vegetables, and over consuming fats, are all common, but fixable mistakes you’ll definitely keep an eye on.

To keep you informed about all the paleo mishaps you may or may not be potentially making, we spoke to some experts about the subject to make sure you correct all your paleo wrongs in no time. Here are some things they recommend keeping in mind.

1. You are eating the wrong vegetables.

Vegetable consumption is definitely encouraged on the paleo diet, but there are some vegetables that are off limits according to registered dietitian Haley Hughes.

“String beans, green beans, edamame, and snow peas are on the vegetables to avoid list because they are considered legumes, and those observing the diet believe there are negative health impacts associated with them,” Hughes told INSIDER.

Given that there are so many other paleo-friendly veggies to choose from, Hughes said this is usually an easy paleo mistake to correct.

2. You are going to unnecessary extremes.

“Cutting out absolutely all carbs, even those obtained from certain vegetables and fruits, could lead to more harm than good,” Caleb Backe, health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics told INSIDER. Instead of cutting out carbs completely, try to get the nutrients you need by keeping a varied assortment of plant and animal-based foods in your daily routine, he said.

3. You are consuming too much fat.

“Taking in too much fat into your system could hinder the natural feelings of hunger and satiety, which are essential to the paleo diet,” Backe suggested. The right amounts of …read more

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