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California Gov. Jerry Brown called President Donald Trump the “saboteur” of the American car industry because of his efforts to bolster the fossil-fuel industry over more environmentally friendly electric cars.
Brown said that Trump’s moves would ultimately help countries like China, where companies are going all-in on battery-powered vehicles and related technologies.

Electric vehicles account for just 1% of global auto sales.

California Gov. Jerry Brown accused President Donald Trump Monday of hurting American auto manufacturers by advocating for fewer restrictions on mass polluters in the US.

Brown indicated that the Trump administration’s effort to boost US coal producers and weaken fuel-economy standards will ultimately help countries like China, where businesses are going all-in on electric vehicles and other clean-energy products.

Trump is “building the Chinese auto industry” while destroying America’s own, Brown said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Brown signed a bill Monday which instructs the state’s energy producers to move toward carbon free-sources by 2045. He has frequently clashed with Trump on environmental regulations.

The California governor criticized the Trump administration’s move in August to scrap an initiative requiring all US cars and trucks to average more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025.

“The big driver besides California is China,” Brown told the LA Times on Monday. “The big saboteur is Donald Trump. He’s trying to subsidize coal and destroy the electric car.”

Brown, who is considered a leading advocate for environmental regulation, signed an executive order in January calling for at least five million of the vehicles on the road in California to produce zero emission by 2030. The $2.5 billion project outlined plans for the state to build 250,000 new charging stations for electric vehicles by 2025, according to Brown’s executive order.

Transportation contributes to 50% of California’s greenhouse-gas emissions, the executive order said.


Source:: Business Insider


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