Becoming a citizen of another country may be easier than you thought.
For instance, if your parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent is an Irish citizen, then you may be eligible for citizenship in Ireland.
Citizenship eligibility can depend on ancestry, languages spoken, and number of years lived in the country of interest.
Here are five of the easiest countries to become a citizen.

After Donald Trump’s victories in the Super Tuesday primaries in 2016, American interest in emigration surged — Google even noted a spike in searches for “How to move to Canada.”

According to the Financial Times, the net number of US citizens who migrated to New Zealand in 2017 grew by 65%. Additionally, about 2,000 more Americans than the yearly average have moved to Canada since the election, Global News reported.

Becoming a citizen is easier in some countries than others. Here are five of the easiest countries to gain citizenship.

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1. Mexico

The Migration Policy Institute created a map of countries’ immigrant and emigrant populations based on the UN Population Division estimates for 2017. The results reveal that the largest number of American emigrants living abroad — 899,000 of them — are living in Mexico.

According to the US Library of Congress, people can apply for Mexican citizenship after five years of residency in the country. This period can be reduced to two years if the applicant is of Mexican descent, has Mexican children, has been married to a Mexican spouse for two years, or has contributed (culturally, athletically, socially, scientifically, artistically, etc.) to Mexico.

Applicants must also speak Spanish, prove understanding of Mexican history and culture, and give up citizenships in other countries.

2. Canada

The Migration Policy Institute map shows 306,000 US …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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