SALT LAKE CITY — Little Caesars has denied selling DiGiorno pizzas after a viral video showed empty boxes in a trash can next to the pizza franchise.

A viral video on Twitter shared earlier this week showed a box full of disposed Digiorno pizzas next to a Little Caesars location in Indiana.

this can’t be happening right in front of me

— vin???? (@vinandwesson) October 6, 2018

The person who shared the video, Vincent Romero, wrote, “this can’t be happening right in front of me,” implying that the Little Caesars location was selling DiGiorno pizzas.

Little Caesars has denied the accusation.

Spokeswoman Jill Proctor told USA Today that the video was filmed inside an Indiana Kmart, which was in the process of disposing of the pizza boxes since they had passed their expiration date.
“Of course, Little Caesars only serves freshly baked pizzas made from fresh dough. After some investigating, it turns out that what appeared in this video was a funny coincidence,” Proctor said in a statement.

Romero told he filmed the video while waiting for pizza at Little Caesars.

“I found it amusing so I recorded the clip and uploaded it to Twitter,” he said.

Social media joined the fun. Both DiGiorno and Little Caesars tweeted out jokes about the video, calling it the “Great Pizza Mixup of 2018.”

Apparently, this store has a trade-in program.

— Little Caesars (@littlecaesars) October 8, 2018

Two days to come up with that? Really?

— DiGiorno (@DiGiorno) October 8, 2018

I guess neither of us deliver LOL

— Little Caesars (@littlecaesars) October 8, 2018

Also worth noting that you can get DiGiorno delivered via Amazon, Instacart, Postmates etc but we digress.

— DiGiorno (@DiGiorno) October 8, 2018

Model Chrissy Teigen also joined the fun, saying the Little Caesars location is …read more

Source:: Deseret News – U.S. & World News


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