Kanye West, Donald Trump


Kanya poses with Donald Trump during their Oval Office meeting


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Kanye West, Donald Trump

Rapper’s ‘crazy’ rant in support of Donald Trump has polarised media and the public alike

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Friday, October 12, 2018 – 9:16am

The unlikely friendship between Donald Trump and Kanye West took another bizarre turn on Thursday, when the hip-hop star launched into an expletive-laden monalogue in support of the US president during a visit to the Oval Office.

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The pair’s relationship has triggered considerable criticism from activists and fellow artists including Moby and John Legend, who have accused the musician of “debasing” himself and being “blind to the truth” after West called Trump his “brother”.

But it seems the rapper has taken little of the criticism on board, judging by his ten-minute rant in front of the president and stunned reporters during the White House meeting – purportedly to talk about prison reform.

He told Trump: “My …read more

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