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The partial government shutdown enters its 21st day on Friday, making it the joint-longest in US history.
Federal workers have been sharing their struggles to make ends meet.
Many are looking for second jobs, like in grocery stores or as Uber drivers.
The shutdown began on December 22 after President Trump and Congressional Democrats clashed over funding a border wall.

Federal employees say they are seeking second jobs to cope with the ongoing partial government shutdown, which on Friday morning became the joint-longest in US history.

Some 800,000 federal workers around the country are in limbo and do not know when their next paycheck will come. Many say they are scrimping, taking out loans, and looking for other work.

Friday is day 21 of the partial government shutdown, which began on December 22 when President Donald Trump and Congressional Democrats disagreed over the funding of Trump’s proposed wall along the US-Mexico border.

420,000 federal employees deemed “essential” are working unpaid, while the other 380,000 are at home without pay. Workers have been given backpay in the previous shutdowns, but it is not guaranteed.

Nate Murrell, a rideshare driver in Washington, DC, told ABC7 News this week that government workers are driving for Uber to make ends meet.

“With the government shutdown, you have more people working for the government doing Uber,” Murrell said. “And for the full-time Uber drivers, that is really affecting us too, and our money.”

Regular rideshare drivers are doubly hit because government workers are among their main customers, he added.

Tiauna Guerra, an Internal Revenue Service employee in Ogden, Utah, told the Associated Press (AP) she was trying to get a second job. However, she says employers don’t want to hire her because they don’t know how long she will be there for.

“We are not able to pay a lot of our bills,” she said. “We’re …read more

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