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The devices we use for prolonged periods during the day (like computers and cell phones) emit blue light, which is one reason why your eyes feel tired after staring at a bright screen.
Blue light can damage your retinas, and computer glasses are one way of screening out that blue light and saving your eyes the strain.
Some computer glasses go for nearly $100, but this functional under-$10 pair has served me well for almost a year now.

There are days in which I find myself squinting at my computer screen. Not because the type magically got smaller or my eyesight poorer, but because the bright light can suddenly feel glaring. For the first time ever as a non-glasses wearer, my eyes feel tired and strained.

And it’s no wonder. Between work, email, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other computerized activities we take part in during the day, a lot of us spend a significant portion of the day with our faces inches away from a glowing screen. And those screens are emitting something called blue light, which is harmful to our retinas when exposed over long periods of time. Blue light is right next to UV on the light spectrum, and it works in a similar way. It can also lead to poor sleep by messing with the circadian rhythm of your sleep cycle.

When I was working in an office during the day and going to night classes immediately after, I was spending almost the entire day lodged in front of a laptop. This — understandably — started to give me headaches.

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