Latchel co-founders from left to right: Will Gordon, Ethan Lieber and Jullian Chavez, (Latchel Photo)

The challenge of fixing a leaky sink and delivering groceries might sound like two very different problems, but Will Gordon would tell you that’s wrong.

For close to three years, Gordon worked at Amazon, focused on product delivery and leading an international expert team that was tackling last mile planning and execution. In any logistics or fulfillment process, he said, “it’s all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time.” That’s true whether it’s an Amazon delivery or property management emergency.

Latchel CEO Ethan Lieber. (Latchel Photo)

Now Gordon is applying this wisdom to Latchel, a Seattle-based startup that he co-founded in April 2016. The business helps property managers nationwide solve emergencies including broken toilets, flooding, failed heating systems and other building woes. Their tenants have round-the-clock access to a hotline for reporting and troubleshooting problems, which sometimes results in sending out a contractor to make repairs.

The apartment and building managers are kept in the loop through messages and photos, but don’t have to play a direct role — which might be most appreciated for troubles that strike in the middle of the night.

“The property managers are only woken up for the really severe cases,” Gordon said.

The 11-member Latchel team includes Gordon, who is chief operating officer, and fellow co-founders Ethan Lieber, CEO, and Jullian Chavez, engineering lead. Before Latchel, Lieber was director of product at One Planet Ops, creator of websites including and HomeGain. Chavez has built mobile and web apps, most recently at Picmonic.

The group is finishing a session with Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley accelerator. Their “Demo Day” pitch is next week.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s really intense,” Gordon said. The …read more

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