Colt johnson shares larissa lima throwback selfie

Now there’s a twist!

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima’s Instagram was hacked, stolen right out from under her by some creep.

Some fans were quick to suspect that her ex-husband, Colt Johnson, was responsible — especially after he appeared to claim credit.

Others had their reservations, even after Larissa went to the police over the theft.

But now, Larissa is going out of her way to exonerate Colt over the Instagram hack.

1. Colt’s name is being cleared by the last person you’d expect

We’ll show you that in a moment. First, a quick reminder of what went down.

2. Larissa’s Instagram was hijacked

The colloquial term for this is “hacking,” but it appears to have actually been a very convincing phishing scam. Anyway, just about a week after her divorce party, Larissa’s Instagram was stolen out from under her. It cost her 200,000 followers.

3. Larissa made it known that she was hacked

Things seem to have stabilized, but she’s still upset — especially since reporting the account to Instagram did not seem to do much good.

4. Fans couldn’t help noticing the IP

What Las Vegas resident could possibly harbor such hatred for Larissa? On a new Instagram account, Larissa implied that she suspected her ex-husband, Colt.

5. By the way …

Larissa created multiple new Instagram accounts during this ordeal. The same fiend who stole her account in the first place reported her new accounts as impersonations and got them taken down. Weird how Instagram can be so fast in response to some claims but so apparently useless when it comes to others. Just think if the imposter had dared to display a ladynipple!

6. Colt seemed to take responsibility

Though he has since changed his Instagram profile description, his bio for a time boasted “moderate hacking skills.” He works as a software engineer. It appeared to followers that he …read more

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