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Pat Brown is the founder and CEO the $2 billion Impossible Foods, best known for its plant-based Impossible Burger.
Brown is driven by his desire to combat the harmful effects of climate change through the reduction of meat in people’s diets, and believes business is the best tool for doing so.
He wants nothing less than for Impossible Foods to be “the most impactful company in the history of the world.”
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By all means, Impossible Foods is doing well. It just raised $300 million at a $2 billion valuation, has its plant-based Impossible Burger in more than 7,000 restaurants worldwide, and will soon be in all Burger King locations across the United States (not to mention your local grocery store).

But profits for their own sake aren’t what’s motivating founder and CEO Pat Brown, a chemist and environmentalist who started his business in 2011. When he says he wants Impossible Foods to do nothing less than change the way the world eats, you believe him.

Brown recently spoke to Business Insider about the company’s rapid growth, and in the following interview excerpt, he explains why Impossible Foods’ business is inextricably tied to an environmental mission.

The following was edited for length and clarity.

Richard Feloni: It seems there’s a kind of “meat alternative” media frenzy right now. Investors are talking about it, consumers are talking about it — there’s a craze around Impossible Foods and this entire concept in general. Does it concern you that the subject is becoming too fashionable?

Pat Brown: Yeah, it’s complicated. What I like seeing is that there is a certain interest and awareness in finding solutions to our dependence on animals, both among consumers and in the business world. That’s a good thing. …read more

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