Action Burger is a sci-fi, comic book, and retro-themed restaurant located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
At Action Burger you can play thousands of games, read comics from the ’80s and ’90s, and eat like a villain or a hero.
We tried the Nutella burger and the mac ‘n’ cheese double bacon burger.
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The following is a transcript of the video

Hey, guys! I’m Alana. And I’m Manny.

Alana: And today, we’re at Action Burger. It’s a legendary spot here in Brooklyn mainly for its food.

Manny: But it’s also a place where sci-fi and comic-book fans can come to nerd out. Now today, we’re here to try the Nutella burger

Alana: And afterwards, I’m gonna whoop Manny’s a– in some “Mario Kart.”

Manny: That’s not happening.

Alana: Oh, oh, it is.

Manny: To get started, let’s head inside and meet the owner.

Vlane: I’m Vlane Carter, co-owner to Action Burger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So I wanted this place to be more like a home feeling for the customers, so they feel like they’re at home. They’re having food that’s like made at home and bringing them back to their childhood in the ’80s and ’90s. So customers, when they come, they can choose to eat like a superhero or a villain. Villain food is mostly fried stuff like beef burgers and chicken and fried chicken and stuff like that. Well, the Nutella burger is interesting because how can I mix Nutella with a burger and make it work? And I thought about it in my head, I said, “OK, it has to be different.”

Alana: To make Action Burger’s delicious Nutella burger, Vlane starts with a fresh beef patty and throws it on the grill. He then takes two Belgian waffles and deep-fries them to golden perfection. After that, he cooks two pieces of bacon …read more

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