Welcome to I Actually Bought This, a series where we share our online-shopping successes of personally carted and coveted goods. Seriously — we have the receipts. Discover the IRL buys that surprised career product-hunters in our quests for the ultimate score.

Liz here, R29’s lifestyle market editor. I’m taking a break from my usual home to food and travel programming for a departure into fashion land — because I actually bought the dress (pictured right) on final sale for $36.99, wore it to a wedding, felt chic without trying too hard, and now need to shout it from the virtual rooftops. Warning: if you aren’t here for a good shopping success story, no harm no foul — we’ve got plenty of other shopping content for you.

As a market editor on the Shopping team, I live and breathe picking product for others. Shopping dilemmas get me fired up. And hunting for the sweetest deals? You better believe I’m game. However, when it comes to fashion, I surprisingly tend to overspend and under-search. With one of the many weddings I’d attend this summer creeping up, I started my search for THE perfect dress (an elegant, careless-romantic number). I scrolled the site depths of trending brands and Instagram accounts. I lusted over and bookmarked my dream (read: bank account crushing) options. But nothing felt quite right and I was running out of time. Mid-workday moaning about my predicament caused a fellow R29 editor to steer me towards a site I hadn’t considered: Need Supply. I took a fateful scroll through its stocked summer sale section and stumbled upon a dress from one of the site’s more affordable private label brands, Farrow. On surface level, it was a high-risk shopping decision: final sale, non-returnable, …read more

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