Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit lineup

I taste-tested the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Chick-fil-A to see how they compared.
The breakfast sandwiches were judged on a scale of one to five based on the quality of their biscuit, bacon, and egg, in addition to their overall taste.
Chick-fil-A’s bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich was by far the best, with plentiful bacon, harmonic egg and cheese, and a perfect biscuit bun.
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Good morning, sunshine.

Getting up can be hard, especially when you have a long day ahead of you. A few things can help you wake up: the smell of coffee, a functioning alarm, or the thumping footsteps of your upstairs neighbors.

But the best cure for the morning blues is something to look forward to. And there’s nothing I look forward to more than my first meal of the day.

The BEC biscuit has long been my personal favorite breakfast sandwich. As a kid, the only time I’d get McDonald’s was when my family embarked on a long road trip at the crack of dawn. I was a grumpy morning child, but a salty, buttery BEC biscuit sandwich would always put me right back to sleep in the backseat.

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Nowadays, I don’t always eat a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit for breakfast. But when I do, I eat four.

I taste-tested the BEC biscuits from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Chick-fil-A to see who has the best sandwich.

I judged the sandwiches on four metrics: biscuit, bacon, egg, and overall taste. I gave each sandwich a score between one and five for each metric.

Here’s how they stack up:

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