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Over the course of the next year, Microsoft will stop allowing its partners to use its software for their own businesses as a perk — and instead, charge them, same as anybody else.
These partners are the companies that sell, support and develop their own add-ons to Microsoft’s products and services.
Some partners are so upset with the change that they’ve signed an internet petition ahead of the company’s giant partner conference in Las Vegas next week.
Microsoft says it is balancing the resources it gives its partners to encourage them to focus on its cloud.
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Some 1,800 people so far have signed an internet petition in protest of changes Microsoft has made to its reseller partner programs.

The big change is that Microsoft is doing away with one of its most beloved and valuable perks: As of July 1, 2020, the tech titan will no longer allow its partners to use Microsoft software internally in their own business for free as part of their low-cost annual subscription to its partner program.

Subscription rates to that program currently range from $475 a year for small partners to $4,730 a year for its gold-level partners. And, until this announcement, all levels included access to any Microsoft software.

On top of that, Microsoft will also ending their partners’ access to technical support for on-premises software.

Partners authorized to sell specific Microsoft software will still be granted limited licenses to use that software as part of their sales process, such as product demos, or to test their homegrown apps built on top of that software. But if they want to use the software internally, they’ll have to pay up, just like everybody else.

“In announcing these changes it’s clear Microsoft is going to war with its partners,” the petition …read more

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