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Astronomers have discovered thousands of exoplanets, or worlds beyond the solar system.
In June, researchers announced they’d logged the 4,000th such planet into a NASA catalog. The first was found in 1992.
Two artists have illustrated all of those discoveries in 60 seconds using an incredible animated map and timeline of the data.
Some of the exoplanets might be habitable to alien life.

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Earth is not alone, and a stunning new animation created using NASA data beautifully illustrates that point.

There may be trillions of other planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way (which itself is one of hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the universe). But finding such extrasolar planets, or exoplanets, is not easy — even when they’re relatively close by.

In fact, it takes more than four years for light to travel from the nearest star to our solar system. Meanwhile, exoplanets are both small and dim, and the Milky Way is a 100,000 light-year-wide haystack for astronomers to scour.

Despite their long odds, however, astronomers have logged thousands of exoplanets since a team confirmed the existence of the first one in October 1991. This June, in fact, marked a milestone: researchers logged the 4,000th discovery in an ever-growing NASA archive of exoplanets.

To celebrate the achievement, two artists pulled all of that data and compiled it into a short animated map and timeline called “4000 Exoplanets,” shown below.

The animation was created by artist Matt Russo and scored by musician Andrew Santaguida, who both work with a science-art outreach project called System Sound. The short film was published to YouTube on Sunday and described on Wednesday by NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) site.

What the animated exoplanet timeline shows

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