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Boris Johnson is the favourite to replace Theresa May as prime minister.
He will launch his campaign on Wednesday with a pledge to “unite the country.”
However, Johnson is a divisive figure with a long record of controversial comments about women, gay people and ethnic minorities.
He has called gay men “bumboys,” and compared Muslim women to “letterboxes.”

LONDON — Boris Johnson is the favourite to become the United Kingdom’s next prime minister and has pledged to restore his party’s fortunes and “unite the country.”

However, despite pitching himself as the candidate best-placed to bring people together, the frontrunner in the Conservative party leadership race has a long record of making sexist, homophobic and racist comments.


The ex-foreign secretary and former London Mayor has long had a questionable attitude towards women, with both the House of Commons speaker John Bercow and female members of the London Assembly accusing him of sexist behaviour.

Evidence of Johnson’s views towards women can be found throughout his career.

In 1996, while a journalist for the Telegraph, Johnson went to the Labour conference and wrote a piece reviewing the quality of “the hot totty” who were present.

“The unanimous opinion is that what has been called the ‘Tottymeter’ reading is higher than at any Labour Party conference in living memory,” he wrote.

He added that: “Time and again the ‘Tottymeter’ has gone off as a young woman delegate mounts the rostrum.”

In an attempt to explain the trend of women shifting their allegiances to the Labour party, Johnson suggests that it is either due to the party’s “planned erosion of male liberty — such as ending the right to drink in public places,” or because of “Labour’s most bizarre promise, that women will be more promiscuous if Mr Blair comes to power.”

However, he concluded that the real reason women are turning to Labour is …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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