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Last week, while most of us were gearing up for an Independence Day celebration or at least a nice day off, Jay Smith was in ICE custody.

Now, his friend says that he sits in despair, never having experienced anything like this before.

She also reveals the one thing that’s keeping him positive during this scary experience. …

“He said it is hard in lockup,” Jay Smith’s friend, Kayla O’Brien, admits to In Touch Weekly.

Jay’s friend explains that this is such a shock to him “because he’s never done anything like this before.”

“[He said] sometimes you feel you are going crazy,” Kayla reveals.

“But,” she notes. “He has been able to stay so positive.”

Jay has only managed that “due to the amazing support of his family and friends.”

“He is so thankful and appreciative,” Kayla expresses of Jay.

“And,” she adds. “You can always hear it in his voice.”

According to Kayla, “he knows how hard we are working for him.”

“It’s been a wild, emotional ride,” she characterizes.

“But,” she notes warmly. “He is most definitely hanging in there.”

“He is so admirable,” Kayla gushes about Jay’s resolve behind bars.

She cannot help but respect “how he has stayed so strong, so calm, so collected, and so positive.”

“I am proud of him,” Jay’s friend concludes.

Some would reply to this by sharing Kayla’s sentiments.

Others may wonder how much of this is just thirst talking.

“He will be deported on Aug. 7 unless he runs, which is what I’m assuming he’s probably [planning],” Ashley Martson shared in June.

“The thing that’s really frustrating is he’s here illegally now …” she expressed.

Ashley clarified: “I did file for his adjustment of status, and then two weeks later he screwed up again, so I withdrew it.”

“ICE has already been here to arrest him. They know where he works,”Ashley noted.

“I mean …read more

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