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I’ve worn Carbon38’s signature Takara leggings during a 10k run, while hiking, and doing pilates. I’ve also worn them to run errands during the day and when going out at night.
There are both classic and trendy colors, and they’re extremely longlasting and durable.
They’re a top-selling style from the brand, but prices aren’t cheap. They start at $95 a pair (or $68 for biker shorts) and max out at $115. Despite the price, I’d still buy them again.

I recently started working out at a trendy high intensity pilates studio where “badass” was written on the wall and members showed up in millennial-pink sports bras and perfectly-toned abs with matching leggings. One day, a member was wearing black leggings that were shiny and looked almost like pleather, but they seemed to move like standard cotton athletic wear.

When I asked what brand they are, she introduced me to the world of Carbon38’s Takara leggings.

Carbon38 is an online-only boutique that makes the trendy workout outfits you’d seen all over Instagram, and they’re gorgeous, stylish and fun. The quality is similar to that of Alo yoga or the more upscale Fabletics, but in all of my research, only Carbon38 has leggings in a unique glossy “liquid” sheen that is flattering and can be worn at the gym, or as athleisure, or even nightclub attire.

The Takara leggings come in various lengths — high-waisted, traditional, 7/8 length, biker short — and 12 colors, not including new colors popping up seasonally like a stunning mauve and fluorescent yellow and pink. There’s also a leopard print texture, but it’s subtle.

Obviously, the top seller is the classic black leggings, …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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