Instagram model Belle Delphine in the tub

Instagram model’s bizarre merchandise has become viral sensation

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Friday, July 12, 2019 – 10:40am

Anyone who has spent time online in the past fortnight is likely to have heard the name “Belle Delphine”, after the social media star announced she was selling jars of her used bath water to fans.

So is the story for real – or just another murky viral hoax? We break it down:

Who is Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine – real name Mary-Belle Kirschner – is a 19-year-old British social media star with more than four million Instagram followers.

She first rose to fame last year on the gaming and anime scene as a cosplay model – someone who dresses as their favourite characters, often in highly elaborate detail – and quickly gained notoriety for her “ahegao” poses.


Good question. Ahegao is a Japanese term for the exaggerated facial expressions used in manga and anime to communicate intense pleasure, usually sexual.

So what does it look like? One fan has helpfully made a compilation of Delphine’s ahegao poses:

Video of Belle Delphine /Ahegao Compilation ( belle.delphine on Instagram)

What does bath water have to do with it?

At the start of July, Delphine uploaded a video of herself in a tub, filling jars with the bath water – which can be yours for the princely sum of $30 (£24) a jar, via her online merchandise store.

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