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The city of Antioch, California, is down a rabbit hole — so to speak.
That’s because it’s literally been overrun with rabbits. It’s not great, according to several local outlets.
According to KPIX, residents believe the bunnies are descendants of escaped pets, which got loose in December.
It might sound cute, but it’s quite a nuisance.
Some residents are trying to take manners into their own hands, but rabbits are fearless, the East Bay Times reported.
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Things are getting hare-y in Antioch, California. The city is apparently being overrun by rabbits — and has been for some time now.

CNN-affiliated KPIX reports that the trouble began in December when some residents spotted a few bunnies on a cul-de-sac. At the time, they thought nothing of it.

“We all thought it was pretty cute at first,” said resident Mike Christopher.

By March, attitudes soured as the rabbit population had ballooned.

“There are rabbits all over the street, all over the sidewalks, all over the grass and it slowly went from — actually pretty fast — it went from seven to 10 to about 50 rabbits just all over the neighborhood,” Christopher said. “And then from there, it started to not be cute anymore.”

So what makes a rabbit not cute? In short: Poop.

“It was so bad all the way down the block there’d be rabbit poop on the sidewalks. It was bad on both sides about a month ago,” Christopher told the East Bay Times. “There was nothing but rabbit poop on everybody’s sidewalks, all over their gutters and alongside their driveways if you had grass. You had to take your shoes off to go inside your house.”

And it’s not just that. Christopher told KPIX that the rabbits are just everywhere in the neighborhood — hopping in the streets, …read more

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