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Margot Lee, a social-media influencer and YouTube creator with 425,000 subscribers, shared her tips for starting a successful YouTube channel.
The 21-year-old “college YouTuber” broke down how to start a channel, what you can do to stand out, and what comes after posting your first few videos.
Margot, who goes by Margot Lee online (she prefers to keep her last name private), is a senior at Syracuse University and occasionally teaches an “unofficial pop-up class” on her strategy for starting a career on YouTube.
In an interview with Business Insider, Margot shared what methods have worked for her, like finding a niche specific to you and how to “be authentic” in a way that will grow your following.
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College students are the latest group to start to build careers online by sharing their experiences and advice on YouTube.

Cashing in on the success that comes with being an influencer, these creators have made a name for themselves among big brands like Amazon as “college YouTubers.”

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Margot Lee, a 21-year-old influencer and YouTube creator, makes videos about her experience as a college student at Syracuse University for her 425,000 subscribers on YouTube. Although Margot (she prefers to keep her last name private) initially started her channel as a hobby, sharing fashion and beauty tips in high school, she has carved out a brand niche for herself as a college YouTuber. She has worked with top brands like Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and Sephora through brand sponsorships.

Though Margot has been on YouTube for six years, her channel’s growth has recently accelerated. She’s gained roughly 100,000 subscribers in one year, from August 2018 to September 2019, according to data …read more

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