Sling TV vs. FuboTV 4x3

Sling TV offers a cheaper entry point and more customization, while FuboTV boasts a larger list of channels in its base package.
Fubo has far more sports channels, but Sling has a bigger selection of on-demand content and premium channel options to add on.
You can watch on more different devices — and stream on more devices at once — with Sling than with Fubo.

Sick of throwing wads of cash at big-name cable providers for tons of channels you never watch? You’re not alone. Scores of savvy viewers have turned to cord-cutting services like Sling TV to reduce their monthly bills and fine-tune their channel selections, pruning off unwanted fluff to stick with the stuff they like best.

FuboTV is another of these options, a recent riser which launched in 2015 as a soccer streaming platform before burgeoning into a fully fledged competitor in the cord-cutting market. At first glance, Fubo and Sling are quite similar, so we’ve crafted a comprehensive comparison to help you decide which better suits your needs.

Channel packages and pricing

Obviously, if you’re considering a subscription with either of these services, your primary concern should be their channel selections and their pricing packages.

Sling offers a little more freedom than Fubo, with two low-cost packages, called Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Orange, the base-level package, includes 30-plus channels, headlined by ESPN, AMC, TBS, and CNN. It’ll run you $15 per month on its own. Blue includes 45-plus channels — with some crossover from the Orange list, but without ESPN and with options like USA and the NFL Network added — for $15. Throwing down $25 will get you both Sling …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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