Couple married on Jetstar plane

David and Cathy Valliant tied the knot at 37,000 feet in the air, mid-flight on a plane travelling from Australia to New Zealand.
The couple’s decision to have their wedding ceremony on the plane was down to their shared interest in aviation. The pair met online in 2011 while playing the video game “Airport City.”
David and Cathy got married at the exact halfway point between the two cities they are from, Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

The ceremony was attended by regular passengers of the airline Jetstar, cabin crew, and friends and family of the couple.
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Aviation enthusiasts David and Cathy Valliant said “I do” 37,000 feet in the air, getting married during a flight from Australia to New Zealand — 8 years after they met online playing an aviation-themed video game.

David, from Australia, and Cathy, from New Zealand made the decision to get married on a plane flying from Sydney to Auckland at the exact halfway point between the two cities.

The ceremony took place on a flight operated by Jetstar, an Australian budget airline.

It was attended by regular passengers who were told about the ceremony in advance, as well as the couple’s friends and family.

A video of the big day was captured and posted on the Jetstar YouTube channel, and can be seen below.

The ceremony itself took place mid-flight and was carried out by Jetstar cabin crew.

As well as symbolizing the couple uniting from their respective countries, the decision to have the wedding on a plane was also down to the couple’s keen interest in all things aviation.

It was their interest in airplanes that brought the couple together.

“We both love aviation, the bond is there,” said David in the video.

Cathy and David met online in 2011 …read more

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