At a conference in New York in July, Amazon Web Services restricted participating companies with booths from mentioning competitors like Microsoft and Google, the New York Post’s Nicolas Vega reported.
Partners are also being told not to use phrases like “multi-cloud,” “any cloud,” or “every cloud,” which suggest that customers can use other clouds in addition to AWS, CRN’s Brendan Foye reported.
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Amazon Web Services is reportedly cracking down on letting its partners even mention that cloud computing services from other providers exist.

At its New York conference in July, Amazon reportedly blocked partners with booths from mentioning its competitors like Microsoft and Google Cloud, the New York Post’s Nicolas Vega reported.

Partners at that conference who did mention competitors were asked to remove those names or cover them up with tape, The Post’s Vega reported.

Likewise, AWS released a branding guide that said AWS would not approve terms like “multi-cloud,” “cross cloud,” “any cloud,” “every cloud,” “or any other language that implies designing or supporting more than one cloud provider,” CRN’s Brendan Foye reported. These phrases suggest that customers can use other clouds in addition to that of Amazon’s.

It’s unclear if AWS has imposed similar rules at any of its other conferences. AWS did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

While AWS is still considered the number one cloud, its rivals Microsoft and Google Cloud are working to gain a slice of that market. Just October, Microsoft scored a major upset over AWS when it won the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, a $10 billion cloud computing contract with the Pentagon. Earlier this month, AWS filed a protest over Microsoft’s victory.

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