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Tesla unveiled it’s Cybertruck on Thursday in a live event at which its design leader accidentally broke two of the car’s windows.
Many Wall Street analysts think the truck’s strange design could negatively impact the car’s performance.
Credit Suisse said rivals Ford and General Motors can “breathe a sigh of relief.”
Others say that it will be a niche offering, similar to the Hummer.
Here’s what seven analysts said about the Tesla Cybertruck.
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Wall street analysts are not buying the futuristic design of Tesla’s new electric pickup truck, called the Cybertruck, released in a live event Thursday.

“Tesla’s Cybertruck looks weird… like, really weird,” wrote Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein in a Friday note. “Add a little bit of dirt, and you could even say it gives off a retro-future vibe a la Mad Max.”

The strange design, which was inspired in part by the movie “Blade Runner,” is likely to impact how consumers view the truck and if they ultimately decide to buy, analysts said.

“We do not see this vehicle in its current form being a success,” wrote Jeffrey Osborne of Cowen in a note Friday. That’s because he doesn’t see the Tesla brand or the Cybertruck design “resonating with existing pickup truck owners.”

That means that General Motors and Ford, Tesla’s main competitors in the pickup market, can “breathe a sigh of relief,” wrote Dan Levy of Credit Suisse.

To make matters worse, the live unveiling of the Cybertruck didn’t exactly go as planned. Tesla’s lead designer Franz von Holzhausen accidentally broke the truck’s “armor glass” windows with a metal ball during a demonstration.

That “was not a good start,” wrote Emmanuel Rosner of Deutsche Bank in a Friday note. Tesla shares fell as …read more

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