Dubai Airshow

Both Airbus and Boeing see the Middle East as increasingly important when it comes to commercial aviation. This week’s Dubai Airshow demonstrated that clearly.
Both plane-makers received orders worth billions, and a show of confidence in their products despite a recent slowdown in the region. Airlines made purchases on a scale more commonly associated with larger shows.
Dubai, already a huge aviation hub, wants to grow even larger. The wider region is in a good position to connect more of the world.
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This week’s Dubai Airshow was a chance for the aviation industry to seal deals and show off their new technology.

It was always as clear a statement as you could ask for of how important the Middle East is to the world’s biggest plane makers.

The Dubai Airshow isn’t quite as big as its Paris equivalent, which typically sets the agenda for the industry. But the biggest deals struck in the desert this week compete with those made in the French capital, showing a continued shift away from the traditional centers of power.

Money talks — and in Dubai there’s plenty

Orders by Dubai-based airline Emirates for Boeing and Airbus planes reached around $25 billion. That figure, from a single carrier, is only around $10 billion less than the total orders Boeing and Airbus both secured in Paris in June.

The order shows the size and dominance of the airline, which is the world’s largest international carrier and serves more than 150 airports.

Boeing thinks that the market for commercial planes and aviation services in the Middle East will be more than $1.5 trillion over the next 20 years, and sees at is one of the fastest-growing markets on earth.

It has noted in the past a point which may seem obvious, but is only getting more …read more

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