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Bob Iger has served as chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company since 2005.
Since his appointment, the company’s stock has risen 335%, and in November, Disney debuted its new streaming service, Disney+.
Here’s how Iger’s leadership strategies shaped the upwards trajectory of the company.
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Bob Iger bet big with the launch of Disney+ but his legacy extends well beyond the streaming service and the internet-breaking debut of Baby Yoda.

Since Iger stepped into the chairman and CEO role in 2005, the company’s stock has risen 335%. He brought Disney into the 2000s with major acquisitions, like Pixar in 2006, Marvel in 2009, and 21st Century Fox this year. Disney’s film division had its highest-grossing year yet in 2019, with the release of films like “Frozen 2” and “Aladdin.” Iger’s latest endeavor, Disney+, debuted on November 12, attracting more than 10 million sign-ups a day after launch.

This wasn’t always the situation; a $260 billion market cap is not to be assumed. When Iger took the helm nearly 15 years ago, Disney was in a tough spot.

“We had been through a rough five-year period, with a hostile takeover attempt, a shareholder revolt, and a battle with two prominent board members,” Iger told HBR in 2011.

His first task, then, was mending the relationships with the board members and allowing for internal peace. Then it was all about balancing the traditional with the modern and carving a place for Disney in modern times.

Iger plans to step down in 2021, and he’ll be remembered for more than the quantifiable achievements that benchmark his career. Underneath it all lies a solid leadership strategy, one that allowed Disney to build on the success it …read more

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