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Sony Music just announced the hire of four new executives to lead its podcast ad sales team.
The news comes after the world’s largest music company signed several podcast production deals with companies including The Onion and filmmaker Adam McKay.
The new hires are Emily Rasekh, SVP of business development and operations; Brittany Hall, VP of podcasting sales; Ryan Zack, VP of podcasting revenue operations; and Christy Mirabal, VP of podcasting marketing.
Sony wants to capitalize on an industry that analysts expect to reach $1.6 billion in global revenue by 2022.
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Sony Music has placed a big bet on podcasts as a key source of ad revenue, according to an internal memo obtained by Business Insider announcing four new executive-level hires to lead sales and marketing for that part of the business.

The news follows a series of announcements expanding Sony’s podcast business around the world.

Sony’s strategy “includes [the] creation of high quality shows across all key podcasting genres and a global vision to develop our podcasting expertise in key markets around the world,” wrote Dennis Kooker, president of US sales and global digital business, and Tom Mackay, president of Sony Music Film and TV A&R, in the memo that went out to staff this afternoon.

Sony is staffing up to sell ads for a number of high-profile podcasts on topics like Jeffrey Epstein

This shift began in May, when Sony Music formed Three Uncanny Four, a new partnership with Adam Davidson, co-founder of NPR’s “Planet Money,” and Laura Mayer, former producer at WNYC and Megaphone (formerly Panoply Media), among others.

Since then, the company has signed production deals with The Onion; UK-based, minority-owned Broccoli Content; and director Adam McKay of “The Big Short,” who will create several podcast series including one based on the life of the convicted …read more

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