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Even if you don’t have the time to volunteer for your local charity, it’s possible to turn your everyday credit card spending into something that can help your favorite nonprofits.
Most hotel, airline, and credit card loyalty programs offer you the ability to donate your points directly to charity.
Some credit cards, like the Charity Charge World Mastercard, actually raise money for nonprofits instead of giving you rewards.
If you want to earn points while donating to charity, consider a card like the Chase Freedom Unlimited or the Blue Business® Plus Card from American Express to maximize your rewards.
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Many people genuinely want to give back or do something to make a difference through charity work. But what can you do if your schedule won’t allow time to volunteer or if charitable donations aren’t workable with your budget?

Fortunately, the credit card points and miles you earn from everyday spending can be used to make a positive social impact. It’s possible to donate many of them directly to reputable charities. And some co-branded credit cards even raise money directly for charity in lieu of racking up personal rewards.

Here’s how to turn your credit card spending into a force for social good.

Donating your points to charity

If you already have a robust credit card points ecosystem in place, you don’t have to completely change everything in order to start directing your rewards toward social impact. Most hotel, airline, and credit card rewards programs on the market allow you to donate your cash back, points, and miles directly to a number of well-respected nonprofits.

All you have to do is log in to a particular account and select what charity you want to donate to. The following brands have whole pages devoted to their reward donation platforms:

American Airlines — The airline …read more

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