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The social media star who went by the name “Paul Zimmer” had more than 7 million followers on before he vanished from the platform following accusations that he had scammed his fans.
The 24-year-old influencer returned to social media last year as a new personality: a 16-year-old aspiring actor named Troy Becker, as first documented in an article in the New Statesman.

According to court records obtained by Insider, “Zimmer” — whose legal name, sources said, was previously Paul Josef Gutowski — legally changed his name to Troy Becker in March 2019.
Following criticism, Becker has once again vanished from social media, leaving questions about why he seemingly lied about his age and identity.
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A social-media star, known to fans as Paul Zimmer, rose to online fame on (now TikTok), gaining millions of followers by 2018. Zimmer seemingly found early success on the app by making run-of-the-mill dancing and lip-syncing videos and mobilizing his good looks and charm.

Following accusations that he had scammed his young fans, however, he disappeared from the internet. About two years later, he reemerged on social media as an entirely different person — 16-year-old Troy Becker — as was reported by Sarah Manavis in the New Statesman on January 8.

The report left many with more questions than answers.

Court documents obtained by Insider connect Paul Josef Gutowski — the legal name of Paul Zimmer, according to sources — to Troy Becker

New documents obtained by Insider show that the influencer legally changed his name to his new alias, Troy Becker, last year, and that his legal name was never actually “Paul Zimmer.”

In the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles, Paul Josef Gutowski — which multiple sources confirmed to Insider had been Paul Zimmer’s legal name — successfully changed his …read more

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