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Google talent chief Kyle Ewing encourages hiring managers to think about the skills they want job candidates to display.
It’s part of the company’s shift from credentials, like college degrees, to specific competencies that are important for the role.
Google also emphasizes culture add over culture fit, or the ways a candidate enhances the company culture instead of fitting in with what already exists.
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Google has spent a lot of time thinking about the best ways to hire top talent.

One key strategy the company has hit on is making sure it hires people for the right reasons.

For example, a manager might show a preference for a job candidate who graduated from the same college they did. Even if the candidate’s experience on the Yale lacrosse team has no bearing on their ability to do the job, it may sway the manager’s decision anyway. In fact, the manager may wind up choosing the fellow alum over another candidate who would be a more valuable asset to the organization.

Kyle Ewing, Google’s head of talent and a 13-year company veteran, has learned that even the most well intentioned leaders may display this type of unconscious bias in their decisions at work. So it’s important to develop simple steps to check those gut feelings.

“It’s absolutely human nature” to see that a job candidate worked at McKinsey just like you did, and get excited about bringing them onto your team, Ewing told Business Insider.

The question you should ask yourself next, she said, is, “What were the skills that I developed at McKinsey and how might someone else be able to demonstrate that?” (You can replace “McKinsey” with the name of your alma mater, or childhood neighborhood, or any other community you’ve belonged to.)

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