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I taste-tested five non-alcoholic beers during Dry January, a time when many people give up drinking for the month.
The process was a blind-tasting, so I did not know which out of the five I was trying.
I picked beers from Brewdog, Brooklyn, Heineken, Clausthaler, and Budweiser based on their availability in both the US and the UK. I also wanted to include a couple of well-known companies along with some smaller breweries.
Expecting them all to be watery and weak, I was proved wrong when most turned out to be pretty good alternatives to regular alcoholic beers.
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With the rise of Dry January and the consciously sober movement, non-alcoholic drinks are an exploding market. Once mostly the reserve of pregnant people and other non-drinkers, alcohol-free beverages have come a long way from the choice between soft drinks or ghostly imitations of their alcoholic counterparts.

To be completely transparent, I do regularly drink alcohol and have never participated in Dry January or given up alcohol for any reason. At the moment, my alcohol consumption is on the lower side, and I suspect that might have something to do with the fact that the person I am most likely to have a glass of wine with is expecting a baby in the spring.

I will admit, I had some preconceptions about non-alcoholic beers. I was expecting them to taste weak, watery, and to be poor alternatives to “normal beers.” I was also asked for ID when buying four of these beers, so bear that in mind if you’re going to the store to get your own.

Although I was proved wrong during this taste-test of non-alcoholic beers, I couldn’t help but miss the warm and relaxing buzz that drinking alcohol gives.

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