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The World Health Organization has warned that the US could become the next center of the global coronavirus outbreak.
Data shows that in China and Italy, the countries most severely affected by the outbreak, strict quarantining measures seemed to work — they cut the speed at which the disease spreads.
That same data shows new infections in the US are growing so fast that the total is about to surpass both China and Italy.
And yet, the federal government and the states have taken only a patchwork approach to curbing the virus.

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The World Health Organization on Wednesday warned that the US could become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic — a prediction that every day looks closer to coming true. The US is only 6,219 infections behind China’s total number of infections. China had 81,285 infections; the US has 75,066.

The WHO’s warning was at odds with messages from the Trump administration. President Donald Trump at a White House press briefing on Monday floated plans to relax quarantines and “restart” the US economy by Easter.

Only 28 states have strict “lockdown” rules for their citizens. In many states, such as Florida, it is largely business as usual. Without the drastic measures taken by most European countries, first rolled out by China when the city of Wuhan was overwhelmed by the virus, the US now looks to be on course to surpass all these places in the scale of infections and deaths.

Below, Insider looks at the progress of the disease in some of the countries that have been most affected by the pandemic, and compares them to what is happening in the US.

The data is from the website Worldometer, which compiles live graphs based on the most recent data …read more

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