On May 20, Amazon launched a major new video game that was in development for over five years: “Crucible.”
Just one week later, the game completely dropped off the charts and was deemed to be a flop out of the gate.
Now, Amazon is pulling the game from digital storefronts and putting the game back in “closed beta” — a term used in game development to signify a game isn’t complete. ”
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Amazon, the biggest company in the world, launched a big-budget, free-to-play video game called “Crucible” at the end of May.

Now, approximately one month after launch, “Crucible” has already come and gone from the top 100 charts, and Amazon is outright pulling the game from digital stores.

“Starting tomorrow, ‘Crucible’ is moving to closed beta,” a note posted to the game’s developer blog said.

Though it’s being pulled from world’s largest gaming platform, Steam, users who already own the game will still have access to it in the closed beta.

“You’ll still launch ‘Crucible’ through Steam (you don’t even need a new download), you’ll keep all the progress and customization items you’ve already earned, and the battle pass, reward tracks, and in-game store will continue to be supported,” the post said.

The move is intended to, “help us focus on providing the best possible experience for our players as we continue to make the game better,” the note said.

After Wednesday morning, the only way into the closed beta will be through a sign-up process that will launch at some point in the “near future.”

If this is the first you’re hearing about “Crucible,” you’re forgiven. As of May 21, the day after it launched, “Crucible” had around 25,000 concurrent players at peak. By May 22, two days after launch, it had already disappeared …read more

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