how to potty train a puppy

House-training is one of the first challenges a dog owner must tackle.
For successful potty training, supervise carefully and celebrate your puppy when they get it right.
A confinement space or dog crate, odor remover, dog treats, and pee pads are essential.
Here’s how to potty train a puppy and the supplies you’ll need to do it, according to a professional dog trainer.

House-training is among the most important tasks puppy parents must tackle, and quick! That is, unless you want to spend months cleaning up puddles and piles. With house-training, supervision is key. If you don’t see your dog have an accident, you have no way to communicate that they made a mistake.

On the flip side, if you don’t see your puppy potty outside or on a puppy pad, you can’t celebrate and let them know they got it right. Here’s how to set your little one up for toileting success.

House-training supplies

You’ll need just a handful of supplies to start your house-training on the right foot… er, paw.

An enzymatic cleaning spray like Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator for removing stains, odors, and pheromones left by accidents.
For undervaccinated puppies without access to an enclosed private or semi-private yard, or any puppy being raised in a high-rise building, you’ll need an indoor potty location. Options include disposable potty pads like

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