Workout apparel always seems to find its way from mat to mainstream — case in point: leggings were once exclusively known as yoga pants before making the leap to acceptable-beyond-the-gym territory. And with the start of a new season on the not-too-distant horizon, the fashion world is dipping its toes back into the pool of athletic attire for one of this spring’s biggest trends: the unitard.

Brace your Instagram feeds, because if last summer was any indicator of the unitard’s social media potential, soon you won’t be able to make it through a full scroll without stumbling upon one of these catsuit-like numbers. The unitard is the ultimate hole-in-one ensemble: the ease of a jumpsuit combined with the stretchy, spandex-y appeal of your favorite leggings or bike shorts. Like a second skin, it’ll leave you feeling flexible and free with minimal additional styling required — making it perfect for everything from a trip to the farmer’s market (just add an open button-down shirt and a pair of boots) to a hike along your favorite winding trail (some chunky sneakers will do the trick here).

While sleek sites like Net-a-Porter offer fashion-first takes on the trend, you can also channel your inner ’80s-era Jane Fonda in a retro style from of-the-minute brands like Adidas x Ivy Park. However you choose to sport it, this is one article of clothing that encourages movement rather than restricting it — so go ahead and get your sartorial groove on in any one of the unitards we’ve rounded up ahead.

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