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Google’s former CEO Larry Page had the “L Team,” an inner circle of trusted advisors which he consulted on major company decisions.

Sundar Pichai’s team is called Google Leads, a broader group of 16 executives from across the company’s most critical businesses, from search to education.

The group consists of product leaders as well as some of Pichai’s most trusted confidants, some of whom have been with Google from the very early days and are now helping the CEO steer the company through a challenging period.

Based on conversations with sources, Business Insider has identified the 16 names that make up Google Leads.

The group typically meets once a week, but has been more engaged than usual during the pandemic, insiders say.

Meet Sundar Pichai’s inner circle.

Thomas Kurian — Google Cloud CEO

Google has set 2023 as the deadline to overtake at least one of its major cloud rivals, Business Insider previously reported, and the pressure is on Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian to deliver. (A Google spokesperson denies the existence of this window: “Reports of these conversations are simply not accurate.”)

The former Oracle executive was named as Google’s new Cloud chief in November 2018. “You will see us competing much more aggressively,” he said just several weeks into his tenure. And so far, Kurian appears to be delivering on that promise as he pushes Google’s enterprise business to catch Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Kurian succeeded Diane Greene, who insiders say had more of an engineering focus, and who reportedly left after tensions with other executives.

“Kurian is a move back to a sales-oriented culture at the top,” said one person who worked with both Greene and Kurian. “That will probably help break through in markets that have been historically skeptical of Google within the enterprise.”

Under Kurian, Cloud is targeting more …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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