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1. Hackers scraped data from 500 million LinkedIn users and posted it for sale online. In the wake of Facebook’s major data leak, LinkedIn is investigating a leak that affected two-thirds of its users. Here’s what kind of data was scraped.

2. Amazon union workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are on track to reject plans to unionize. The National Labor Relations Board paused its public counting of Amazon employees’ ballots shortly after 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday with the anti-union votes leading 1,100 to 463.

3. Leaked Amazon documents detail a controversial employee-review system that ranks employees in tiers. Insiders say the opaque tier system requires that a certain percentage of employees rank at the bottom — even if they’re performing well. We took a deep dive into the contentious review system. 

4. Amazon Prime Day will reportedly be held in June instead of July this year. Bumping up the shopping event could be to give the company a second-quarter boost, Recode reports. More on that here.

5. Billionaire Peter Thiel said bitcoin could be a “Chinese financial weapon.” During a virtual seminar held by the Richard Nixon Foundation this week, the tech investor also warned the cryptocurrency threatens the US dollar. Here’s what else he said.

6. Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot was thrown into an army field test — but it ran out of battery mid-combat. The French military is testing Spot, the famous robot dog, in combat scenarios. See photos of Spot in combat.

7. Facebook is testing an app that’s similar to Clubhouse, but with video. The app, called Hotline, has a Q&A feature. Here’s what the app would — and wouldn’t — do.

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Source:: Business Insider


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