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Flavored tobacco bancould save generation

“Dude, you have to try the mango!” “Nah man, I prefer strawberry.” A regular discussion between my eighth-grade neighbor and his friend, I thought. After all, I spoke regularly with my friends about which flavors of boba and other food I like. But it was the next line that really caught my attention: “I heard there’s a chocolate vape, too.” They weren’t talking about something as innocuous as boba, they were discussing e-cigarettes.

Flavors are the primary reason that most youths start using e-cigarettes. And once they do, they get hooked, possibly for life. As a high school student, I’ve seen friends and classmates fall victim to this addiction, brought on by Big Tobacco’s search for profit at the expense of our health. Stop Big Tobacco’s attempts at hooking the next generation; stop the sale of all flavored tobacco including e-cigarettes, cigars, menthol cigarettes and flavored shisha.

Aditya IndlaUnion City

Vital to keep schoolrenovation on track

I only recently learned about Dublin Elementary’s history of struggles in getting much-needed funding since 2019, and other concerned parents raised the issue of Dublin Elementary being at risk of losing its funding for renovations.

I am absolutely furious after seeing some of the pictures provided by the parent community. An average person would have thought these were pictures from a village school in a third-world country. I have heard that some trustees indicated there are other priorities higher than Dublin Elementary. Please tell me what priority is more important than the health and safety of people and children.

Dublin Elementary School should continue its renovation project with the approved $33 million promised by Measure J. Please do what you can to make sure your neighbors and community family …read more

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