NFL coaches will tell you they don’t dwell on the past, but a look back can also measure change and improvement, and that’s exactly what the Seahawks are hoping to see on both sides of the ball this year.

Heaps: Recipe for Seahawks D-line’s success on display in Week 1

Weirdly enough, this year’s Seahawks had a similar start compared to 2020. Last year’s squad also got a win on a road trip with a 10 a.m. kickoff and drew plenty of praise about their offense afterward.

But there are a few key differences when it comes to this year’s start. So, while Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are looking ahead to hosting the Titans in Week 2, my co-host Jake Heaps and I looked back to see whether this year’s Seahawks team – which brought a little déjà vu in Week 1 – feels improved from its 2020 version.

Jake: The right offensive system makes all the difference

Quarterback Russell Wilson threw four touchdowns, wide receiver Tyler Lockett had 100 yards, and running back Chris Carson nearly put up just as much on the ground in Sunday’s 28-16 win over the Colts. None of that is shocking. But there was something that felt new to Heaps, and that was the system itself.

One of Seattle’s biggest changes this offseason was at offensive coordinator, and for Heaps, that was made clear in the opener.

“I get why people would sit there and say, ‘We saw this same song and dance last year,’” Heaps said. “Or, ‘We saw a great offensive start, they got a ‘W’ in Atlanta. What’s different about this offense, and what’s different about Russell Wilson starting hot if he’s just going to fizzle in the second half?’ I think they’re all very valid questions and what I would say in response is that …read more

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