There are a few different ways to watch YouTube on your Roku.

You can get the YouTube TV app through the search function on your Roku device.
Once you add the channel, you can either use the free trial or sign into your account.
You can also use the free YouTube app to watch videos on Roku.

YouTube used to be synonymous with free content — but nowadays there are many more options for watching videos on the platform. Take YouTube TV, for example. It’s a paid subscription that gives you access to a wide selection of live TV, though you can still access the YouTube app for free. 

Either way, you can watch them on your Roku device. Here’s how.

How to get Youtube TV on Roku

Although Youtube TV was temporarily unavailable on Roku, that’s no longer the case. Here’s what to do to get YouTube TV onto your device:

1. Turn on your Roku Device and press the Home button on your remote.

2. Use the arrow keys to go down to Search and press Ok.

Search for YouTube TV.

3. Search for YouTube TV and then select Ok when you find it.

Select Ok to proceed.

4. Choose Add Channel.

Choose Add Channel.

5. Once it’s been added, select Go to channel and then hit Ok.

Select Go to channel.

6. Select either Try it for free to access the free trail, or choose Member sign in and follow the directions to sign into your account.

Choose the desired option to start watching YouTube TV.

How to watch Youtube on Roku

If you prefer, you can use the free YouTube app. Once you’ve added the channel to your Roku device, here are a few options to start watching within the app:


After you’ve logged into your YouTube account, you’ll …read more

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