There’s several ways to restart or reset a Roku device that’s acting up.

You can factory reset your Roku if it isn’t responding or frozen. 
You can also restart your Roku in the Settings menu if it isn’t completely frozen, but still has issues. 
When you reset Roku, you will lose saved device settings and personal preferences.

It’s always frustrating when tech starts misbehaving. If you’re having issues with your Roku TV, there are a lot of things you should check, and the issue may not be the device itself. For example, if you’re having Wi-Fi problems, a restart won’t help, but restarting your router might.

You also might be having issues with your HDMI cable, in which case you might have to check that it’s properly connected. 

With that in mind, here’s how to restart your Roku TV, or do a factory reset.

How to restart your Roku from Settings

You can restart your Roku from the Settings menu: 

1. From the Home menu, scroll down to the Settings menu.

2. Select the Settings menu by pressing OK on the remote.

Select Settings.

3. Scroll down to select the System option.

4. Press OK on your remote to open the menu.

Choose System.

5. Select Power and then choose System restart. 

Choose System restart.

6. Choose Restart. Your device will shut off, then turn on again.

Select restart.

Quick tip: Alternatively, you can do a forced reboot by unplugging the Roku power cord for at least ten seconds.

How to factory reset Roku

There are a few ways to get this done:

From the Settings menu

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Scroll down and select Settings.

3. Select System.

4. Choose Advanced system settings.

Choose Advanced system settings.

5. Select Factory reset.

Choose factory reset.

6. If you have a Roku TV, you’ll then …read more

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