The searching, the planning, the decision-making and the final choices involving the purchase of a new construction home might, on the surface, appear to revolve around the structure itself.

But this process — and the move itself — results in much more than a residence filled with sparkling clean rooms and contemporary, energy-efficient and comfortable spaces.

To choose new construction is to design a new lifestyle from scratch.

Built for people

From Santa Rosa to Discovery Bay to Lafayette, Dublin, Santa Clara, Hollister and greater Bay Area cities in between, new construction represents a fresh start on roads less traveled. Each new community features contemporary attributes and an emerging personality of its own.

Every new neighbor gets to play a role in creating the identity of the community and every neighborhood, street or parkway within it.

On your next new-home tours, ask the builders’ community sales representatives what it feels like to move into a new-home community.

There’s a good chance they can tell you firsthand, not because they work for the builder, but because they recently moved into one of the builder’s new-home communities themselves.

Ask the builder’s representatives for references from recent buyers, as well. People who like where they live are eager to share the reasons why.

A crafted lifestyle

Alongside the organic aspects of human interactions and geography, each distinct brand-new development or neighborhood provides its own set of features that create a lifestyle out of new-home living. And while builders aim to meet the needs of a variety of buyer types with each community, it’s the buyer who must determine the best fit for their needs.

Knowing that a newly built home represents more than the construction itself, each new community or multiple-unit building provides a range of amenities to meet a mix of lifestyle needs.

It’s a wise idea, then, to visit as many new-home communities …read more

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