Korie Robertson and Husband

Korie Robertson has delved into the abortion debate.

Over the last couple weeks, this topic has dominated national headlines after a draft opinion leaked online — for the first time in Supreme Court history.

This draft opinion seemingly reflected the views of all nine Justices on the topic of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that legalized abortion across the country.

Based on the views expressed by Judge Samuel Alito, writing for the majority in this instance, the Court is prepared to overturn this case this summer… meaning each state will be responsible for its own abortion laws.

“I’ve gone around and around about whether or not to post about the abortion debate going on in our country.

“I know how personal and emotional this issue is, and the internet can be a rough place to have hard conversations,” wrote Robertson to open her blog entry.

“I have enormous compassion for women who have chosen abortions and know that had to have been a tough decision at an extremely difficult and uncertain time in your life.

“I hope you know how much you are loved by a God who sees you and was with you even then.”

The daughter-in-law of Phil Robertson, the founder of the Duck Commander, and wife of Willie Robertson, Korie starred for years on A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

Known for espousing her faith in public and for being a member of the Republican Party, Korie continued:

“I realize that my writing this could be risky. I won’t say it all right. People will disagree. I’ll likely write something that even my friends or followers on the pro-life side disagree with, too.

“That’s okay. It’s too important of a conversation to ignore or to just stay silent so here we go…”

And then off she went as follows:

“One of the things that deeply disturbs me right off the bat is …read more

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