Foxtrot is a Chicago-based ‘modern convenience store’ with a cafe, eatery, and marketplace. 
The company announced it raised $100 million in a Series C investing round in January. 
Foxtrot currently has 21 locations in Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. 

Foxtrot wants to redefine convenience stores for the modern era. 

The Chicago-based company is putting a fresh spin on the corner store, with a curated selection of local eats and unique sundries that feels like an Instagram feed come-to-life. Founded by Mike Lividly and Taylor Bloom in 2014, Foxtrot began as an online-only company, before moving into physical retail, and today aims to integrate “the best of neighborhood retail and e-commerce technology to create a community of discovery.”

The strategy is working. When I moved back to Chicago in January after six years in Brooklyn, one of the first things I noticed was the ubiquity of Foxtrot stores, with their stocked cafes, warm lighting, and cozy interiors.

I quickly learned from friends that the store has become a local favorite, a go-to spot to bring your laptop or a book and camp out for awhile. It’s easy to make a day of it — grabbing a coffee and a breakfast sandwich, traipsing through the aisles for a quick snack or a treat, and even hanging around for happy hour in the late afternoon. 

Now, fresh off a $100 million Series C investor round in January, Foxtrot is going national. The company has 21 stores — with new locations opened this year in Washington, Texas, and Virginia — and next up: New York and Miami. 

I visited a Foxtrot store and saw it’s worth the hype. Here’s what it’s like. 


I visited a Foxtrot store located in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

Upon entering, I was immediately welcomed in the cafe, which includes an array of made-to-order coffee …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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