A fatigued, runny-nosed President Joe Biden entered COVIDsolitude on July 21 with his legislative agenda stalled, a standoff brewing with the House speaker and an unfinished plan to kill the world’s top terrorist with a drone.

More than two weeks later, Biden’s second stint in isolation appears to be ending, with his agenda suddenly revived, tensions with China dramatically ratcheted up and the terrorist dead.

The two-plus weeks Biden has spent with just his German Shepherd for company have proved some of the weightiest of his presidency, with his once-bleak legislative fortunes enjoying a surprise turnabout and his foreign policy shaken by events across the globe.

Even some White House staffers said they felt a certain degree of whiplash, and Biden himself has mused to confidants at the sudden turn of events.

“It’s been an extraordinary few days for the nation,” he told a virtual gathering of Democrats on Wednesday.

Left unsaid was how extraordinary those days had been for Biden himself, who oversaw almost all of it from the White House residence, isolating alone with only a bare-bones, in-person staff.

The brutal months that came before had lent the Biden presidency a sense of gloom, fueled by high prices, abysmal approval numbers and swirling questions about the President’s ability to lead. Many problems — like a growing outbreak of monkeypox, the war in Ukraine and shortages of baby formula — still persist, and a new crisis is emerging with China. Democrats running for office this year are still putting distance between themselves and the President.

Yet Biden and his allies are now enthused at the string of victories, which includes passage of major pieces of legislation, a long-sought agreement on a

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